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Custom Size Bedding



Find the right fit with our bed sheet buying guide and measurement tips to order custom size sheets. For the best fit, measure the width, length, and height of your mattress. Use those exact dimensions when ordering your custom-size bed sheets. Made especially for you following your exact measurements, Kotton Culture® custom bed sheets sets consist of 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases. The fitted sheets have a fully elasticated bottom to stay in place. The flat sheet, finished with a tailored Z-hem, can be tucked in or left to naturally drape.

A fitted sheet is designed with all-around elastic to fit perfectly onto your mattress. To measure, remove all of your linens and blankets but leave on any mattress pads or toppers. Using a ruler or fixed tape, measure the depth from the top seam to the bottom seam, in several places to be sure you have the right fit:
Measure the surface width of your mattress (Width)
Measure the surface length of your mattress (Length)
Measure the height of your mattress (Pocket Depth)
If you use any featherbeds, mattress pads or toppers, or mattress protectors, add its depth to the thickness of the mattress.
The top bed sheets are meant to lie flat on the mattress. They should be larger than the mattress surface so the extra fabric can hang over the sides and be tucked under the mattress. Calculate the preferred size of the sheet according to your needs.
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The size of a comforter is determined by the dimensions of the duvet cover. A duvet cover should be about the same size as your comforter insert so it will tie, stay in place look pleasingly plump.

As you think of the dimensions of your custom size duvet cover, ask yourself—do you want a duvet cover to fit a Kotton Culture® comforter, another comforter, or to cover a specific area of your bed?

Order the exact same size as your comforter.
Sometimes you want your duvet cover to spread over a certain area of your bed, such as falling to the top of the box springs. If that is your goal, measure on your bed where you want your duvet cover to reach. Compare those dimensions to Kotton Culture® standard Duvet Cover dimensions on our Size Guide. If you don't see the dimensions you want, select Custom Size and let us make you a custom duvet cover.
If your current comforter is smaller than your desired duvet cover dimensions, use our duvet cover’s interior ties to anchor it. This may result in a flatter look at the cost of a nice and generous overhang. Kotton Culture® can always refresh or add on to your down comforter so it will fit its duvet cover perfectly.
To measure accurately, pull the comforter taut, and measure it from corner to corner in both directions. Feed those dimensions in our Custom Size form.
The interior seams are finished off so they won’t fray, with 7 interior corner ties. We use zippers instead of button closures. Buttonholes tend to tear with use, leavings gaps in the duvet but our zipper closure with sturdy metal pullers are safely concealed in a tailored flap along the length of the duvet cover. Kotton Culture® custom duvet cover sets consist of 1 made-to-measure duvet cover and 2 coordinating pillow shams.


Kotton Culture provides bespoke curtain sizes to suit your needs so you can dress up your windows in style!
Carefully measure the area you want the curtains to cover. You can also use measurements of old curtains that are a good fit. Once you have the exact calculations, feed the width and length you want for your custom-sized curtains, and proceed to checkout.

A curtain's width should typically be about 1.5 to 3 times the final width measurement of your window. However, the fullness you choose will ultimately define the style you want to achieve. Fuller curtains lend a richer feel to your windows while curtains with a shorter width create a more tailored look.
It is important to decide how you want the curtain to look as different sizes will give a different aesthetic to your windows. Place your measuring tape at the top of the window frame or in the top inside corner and measure down to your desired length.
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Bed skirts can be differentiated by the methods they are mounted. There are platform bed skirts and detachable bed skirts. Detachable bed skirts such as the Wraparound design are secured by elastic bands. Other designs are just as sturdy since they stay in place by the weight of the mattress and bedding.

Calculate the “drop” length of your bed. This length is measured from the edge of the platform to the edge of the skirt. So, measure from the top of your box spring or bed base down to the floor and write down the measurement. This is your bed skirt drop length.
A bed skirt should be the same width and length as your box spring or bed frame. This is equal to the dimensions of a fitted sheet. To measure, take off the mattress. Then, take a measuring tape from left to right to determine the width, and from the headboard to the foot of the bed to determine the length.

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The perfect bedding doesn’t always come in a bag, which is why Kotton Cuture® is happy to customize it for you! The ordering process is easy. Just go to any product, select a color, choose Custom Size, and enter your measurements in the pop-up form. With Kotton Culture® customization options, you'll have the perfect bedding, guaranteed to fit!


Looking to dress an irregularly-sized bed with custom bedding? We’ve got you covered. Order bedding for any odd-sized, non-standard or DIY bed. Join our family of thousands of happy sleepers who have added Kotton Culture to their RVs, sail boats, campervans, dorm rooms, loft beds, medical mattresses, and more. With all the variety in bed and mattress sizes, you need bedding that fits. We provide sheet sets, comforters, pillow shams, duvet covers, curtains and bed skirts that are handmade to order to fit the dimension of your bed.



Kotton Culture sets the standard in handcrafted, artisanal bedding. We're obsessed with quality, from the number of stitches per inch to the choices of fill weight in a comforter. Your bedding is handmade to order by our expert artisans and seamstresses. We use dyes that will not fade or run color. For all custom size orders, we sew together separate panels. As we know each of your designs is unique, there is a choice of colors so you can select the one that looks best with your décor. Our one-of-a-kind size customization experience helps you make a personal statement that mass-produced bedding can't.


All our Egyptian cotton bedding is made from the finest extra-long staple cotton yarns, woven and dyed in India for a premium finish. No attention to detail is spared. We carefully test the fabric for pilling, shrinkage, and color consistency. We offer unrivalled softness that will last wash after wash after wash.