5 Reasons to Choose Duvet Covers For High-quality Sleep

5 Reasons to Choose Duvet Covers For High-quality Sleep

5 Reasons to Choose Duvet Covers For High-quality Sleep

Everyone's looking for comfortable sleep, especially when they return home from a busy and stressful day out and about. What a duvet cover provides is efficient comfort, meaning one less hassle. A duvet can offer the right amount of temperature control depending on the fill of your duvet. And depending on the duvet cover you choose, you can weigh it down a bit or keep it as lightweight as is, which is perfect for anyone from children to adults and even Dementia Care Whittier. There's a comfort level available for everyone, and a duvet with a duvet cover is sure to meet those standards.

What Are Duvets?

Duvets come in different sizes and are available in a variety of materials, depending on the fill you choose. The duvet and duvet cover is said to have originated in Europe and have gained popularity over decades. It was marketed in the 1970s as 'the 10-second bed' because of the ease it takes to make a bed with a duvet.

The 'duvet' comes from the french word meaning 'down' in the English translation of the word. When duvets were first made, the filling was with the down, the fluffy layer found under a duck's or goose's feathers. You would also find duvets filled with wool, silk, polyester, cotton, and microfiber. A duvet is a soft, fluffy top layer blanket covered in a shell, and if you so choose, a duvet is typically bought with a duvet cover for protection.

A duvet's shell is a patch designed to keep the fill from bunching up within the duvet. Depending on the filling, you can buy a duvet that will keep you warm in the cold chilly seasons and cool in the warmer seasons. A 400 to 600-fill power can potentially keep one comfortable throughout the year.

Duvet Covers And Why You'll Want Them

Duvets are typically designed to be paired with a duvet cover. It's the material, typically either silk, cotton, or flannel, that encases your duvet.

1. Duvet covers allow you to go to sleep stress-free

Typically, a lot of people would not dare to eat or bring anything to their bed that might strain or dirty their bedding. However, this worry becomes hard to keep track of after a long day. A duvet cover protects the duvet from sweat, stains, and particles that otherwise could get caught in the creases of your duvet. And because it's a removable piece of material, it can very easily be washed, and it can be reapplied whenever you like.

2. Duvet covers come in a range of colors & designs

Duvets aren't designed to stand out or add to the room's decoration. However, a duvet cover is. The duvet cover's colors, texture, and design can all contribute to your sleep. Color theory plays the role of how the colors you choose for your room and duvet affect how you feel. Depending on the material, the texture plays into how comfortable you'll feel in bed, and because duvets are typically lightweight, you can add more weight for added comfort.

3. Duvet covers are removable

Duvet covers have the extra perk of being a removable fabric, so if you don't like a particular aspect of the cover but like other things, like its design, that go along with your room design, then you can simply remove the duvet cover before going to bed.

4. Duvet covers can be accommodated to suit any weather

As stated before, a duvet has the internal fill to generally provide a cool or warm night's sleep. Nevertheless, if, on a personal level, you wish to make your duvet a bit warmer, you can always find the duvet cover for that. And during summers, if it gets too hot, you can simply remove the duvet cover or find one made of breathable, usually cotton, material.

5. Duvet covers come with corner ties

Not all, but a lot of duvet covers such as ones by Kotton Culture come with 7 corner ties to keep the duvet in place and prevent it from bunching up in one corner inside the fabric. Using a duvet cover with inner ties allows you to have all the benefits of a changeable, weighted, or lightweight, soft, fluffy, warm blanket that won't move out of place while providing any security and comfort, especially if you tend to toss in your sleep.


A duvet is filled with feathers or down, making it a lightweight, warm blanket as opposed to a sheet or even comforters, which tend to be thinner in comparison. A duvet cover will provide you with a comfortable night's sleep, catering to your preferences and personal taste in material and design.