6 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Summer Retreat

6 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Summer Retreat

6 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Summer Retreat & Luxury Sanctuary

The summer heat may be brutal, but it’s also a great excuse to incorporate more fun, color, and comfort into your home. Transform your home into a luxurious summer retreat in six easy steps. By combining lightweight layering with fashion-forward color combinations in your decor, you can stay cool and comfortable throughout the season while also giving your home an extra element of cheer.

1. Pick Up Blackout Curtains

For summer styling and year-round functionality, try our heavy-duty blackout curtains. These long, thick drapes offer energy efficiency and keep out light so you can sleep in the summers, when sunlight can be brutally bright—all without sacrificing their chicness. Blackout curtains also add instant style; use them on your windows inside or to create privacy and shade on your covered patio.

2. Go for Lighter Fabrics

Lightweight fabrics are the perfect design assets for warmer months. Because of their hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking properties, light fabrics are great for the hotter times of the year. In addition, cotton fabric breathes better than other materials—so it makes for comfortable lounging and a summery ambiance.

3. Coordinate Bed Sheets

Whether you want to add a summery flair to your own room or make a great impression on your guests, you should consider refreshing your bedding. Summer’s hot nights will likely entice you to opt for lighter bedding. You can also use this opportunity to implement seasonal patterns into your bedding. Go for summery designs—think stripes, butterflies, birds, floral prints—and lighter-weight fabrics like cotton or linen.

4. Play with Colour Combinations

Playing with color combinations doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint your bedroom lavender and lime green (unless, of course, you want to go all out). Still, summer is all about bright colors and fun prints, so try matching one of your pillows with an accent wall or choosing colorful upholstery. Embrace these new hues by using them in different ways throughout your space: try layering a bold bed sheet under an earthy blanket or adding colorful throw pillows onto your sofa.

5. Put Down Some Pillows

An easy way to give your space some pop and pizzazz is by adding pillows. Not only will they add another layer of comfort, but you can also change up their look with different covers, which makes it easy to switch things up seasonally. In summer, opt for lighter colors and breathable fabrics like Egyptian cotton.

6. Use Summery Throws

Throw blankets are an easy way to add a pop of summer to your bedding or living area without going overboard with your design. If you don’t want to completely overhaul your bedding or living room decor, a seasonal throw blanket is perfect for adding seasonal spark. Lighter in weight than most coverlets and comforters, they offer all of the appealing textural qualities for spring and summer. Choose a bright color that complements the other decor in your home. This will make for a seasonal brightness and an extra layer of warmth when the A.C. is working hard.

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